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SEC New Registrations Report

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SEC New Registrations Report tracks and analyzes current activity in the initial public offering market. Each monthly issue provides a complete list of all new registrations and new issues filed during that month, with the following information provided for each:

  • Lead underwriter and underwriter's counsel
  • Issuer's counsel
  • Description of the registrant's business
  • Title of securities
  • Proposed maximum aggregate offering price
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code
  • SEC filing date, registration number and form type
  • State of incorporation
  • Contact person and phone number for the registrant

Each issue of SEC New Registrations Report also includes:

    Cover Story — Our in-house IPO experts review market activity for the month and provide a feature story which analyzes industry trends or discusses particular filings of interest.

    Performance — After-market performance of all the previous months' new issues.

    The Leader Board — The Leader Board ranks, using year-to-date statistics, the top 15 law firms and underwriters involved in IPOs. The Leader Board ranks the following categories:

    • Lead Underwriter by number of registrations

    • Lead Underwriter by aggregate offering price

    • Lead Underwriter's Counsel by number of registrations

    • Lead Underwriter's Counsel by aggregate offering price

    • Issuer's Counsel by number of registrations

    • Issuer's Counsel by aggregate offering price

    IPO Registrations Withdrawn

    IPO Volume Graphs — Every month our research staff compiles a graphical representation of the number and dollar amount of new registrations filed on a month-by-month basis.

    Top Five IPOs of the Month — A brief summary of the five offerings which have the largest proposed aggregate offering price is provided.

    Top 20 IPOs of the Year — This list ranks, by proposed aggregate offering price, the 20 largest IPOs of the year. The ranking includes the lead underwriter, lead underwriter's counsel, issuer's counsel and proposed aggregate offering price for each of the 20 entries.

On a quarterly basis, SEC New Registrations Report provides a summary of IPO activity for that quarter and for the entire year. The cover story discusses all significant developments in IPOs for the quarter. In addition, every three months we providea special year-to-date chart of which law firms and underwriters are ranked first in each Leader Board category at the end of the quarter.

Table Of Contents
  • Cover Story
  • Volume Graphs—Pre-Effective IPOs
  • Top Five Pre-Effective IPOs of the Month
  • Top 20 Pre-Effective IPOs of the Year
  • The Leader Board—Pre-Effective IPOs
  • List of Pre-Effective IPOs of the Month
  • Volume Graphs—Completed IPOs
  • Top 20 Completed IPOs of the Year
  • The Leader Board—Completed IPOs
  • Underwriting Syndicate Leaders
  • Aftermarket Performance
  • IPO Registrations Withdrawn
  • List of Completed IPOs of the Month

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