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Top Accounting Issues for 2013 CPE Course
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The accounting standards are always changing. Never has this observation more true than now. High profile accounting scandals have resulted in a slew of new standards and projects designed to repair damage and improve financial reporting.

CCH's Top Accounting Issues for 2013 Course helps CPAs stay abreast of the most significant new standards and important projects. It does so by identifying the events of the past year that have developed into hot issues and reviewing the opportunities and pitfalls presented by the changes. The topics reviewed were selected because of their impact on financial reporting and because of the role they play in understanding the accounting landscape in the year ahead.

Top Accounting Issues for 2013 reassures the accountant that he or she is not missing out on developing accounting issues -- or is not susceptible to being caught unaware by a brewing controversy. It's the top quality accounting review and analysis that every practitioner needs to keep a step ahead.

Practitioners may also earn CPE credit by successfully completing and submitting the Final Exam answer sheets for grading. (An additional fee applies for each answer sheet that is submitted for CPE grading and administration.)

NOTE: Because continuing education requirements vary from state to state and among different licensing agencies, practitioners should always check with their licensing boards and governing agencies for specific information on their CPE requirements and to verify the applicability of this Course for meeting their requirements.

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